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Lisl Meredith Huebner, Dipl.CH, RH
860-673-6863 ~ Office
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Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity

-- John Ruskin




"Having lived 6 years in Japan, I consider myself a good judge of Asian style alternative medical practitioners, and I can say with confidence that Lisl is on the way to the top of her field.  I am so happy to have found someone with her skills here."

"I have experienced reflexology and other trigger-point therapies, but how effective could ear (auricular) stimulation be, I wondered.  But in just 20 minutes my chronic fatigue symptoms- irritable bowel, brain fog (cognitive sensory impairment), and tissue stiffness, among other things- decreased considerably, and the herbal treatments since then appear to be reinforcing even those gains." -Mark G., Farmington (July, 2002)

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 1999 and sought conventional treatment via an internist.  After several years of steroid treatments with little to no success, I decided to seek out a holistic approach.  At the time I sought her out, I had been virtually house bound for 3-4 months by a bout of colitis.  A few short weeks after meeting Lisl, taking her suggested herbs and using auriculotherapy, I began to experience healing.  I was in full remission within 4-6 weeks of starting treatments. I was able to leave the house again, and care for my family.  I have remained in remission for over 5 years.  Lisl's approach is to work with the client to not just heal the body, but the mind, soul and spirit as well.  Her compassion and knowledge were a tremendous help to me and she has given me insight into daily living in treating my disease.  Thanks isn't enough. 
Celeste S.; Roanoke, VA

I just wanted to thank you again for helping me overcome extreme pain from my spinal stenosis condition, as well as a pending major back surgery which I was able to cancel. Within a few months of your auricular therapy, utilizing ear seeds and Chinese herbal pills, I had attained what orthopedic and neurological physicians were not able to accomplish – stabilization of my condition. Working with you was great!  Best wishes, Leonard  R. -South Windsor, Connecticut

Having had two bone density tests show continued gradual loss of bone, my G.P. and my Gynecologist urged me to go on one of the "bone building" drugs. Research and anecdotal stories from friends led to a decision against taking such medications. I turned to Lisl for help in addressing my bone loss problem. After making a full assessment of my health and lifestyle, she made recommendations of herbal supplements and dietary changes. Two years later my bone density test showed that my bones had stabilized and there had been no further loss. I look forward to continuing to work with Lisl and restoring my bone health. -Sharon L. Farmington, CT

Lisl is an amazing healer, herbalist and teacher.  She is very professional and knows exactly how to help her clients overcome their issues, whether they are physical or emotional.  Her special connection to the plant and tree kingdom shines through in all she does.  Anyone who is lucky enough to know her is blessed by her loving energy. -Barb P.; Torrington, CT

Feedback from HerbaLisl's Blog:

Lovely, thanks so much for such an interesting and complete picture of this sacred tree (shrub) which I have planted in my backyard to be the center of a small permaculture "guild." I appreciate your research. Blessings, Vicki Noble

Great article! I love how you weave the visceral with the visual with the medicinal with the mystical. -R J W

It feels as if you have spent some beautiful moments of time basking in the support and love of this gorgeous (great images!!) healer ... great article!!? -UmaShezOya

Excellent blog post!! I continue to be impressed and dare I say, envious, of your wealth of knowledge on the herbs! Have a Blessed Samhain! -Heather

Thank you so much for this Lisl! You and chamomile really danced your way through this lovely article! Lyrical, and informative both! Thank you for including the chakra and pet parts also. Why did I never think of chamomile for pets before!? You brought a few outlook on chamomile to me and inspired me to grow even closer to her :) big hugs and many thanks! Xoxoxo -Leslie

Lisl, your Essence of Herbs blog just keeps getting better and better. I always learn so much, and you write beautifully. Thank you so much! -Jennifer

You are such a fairy. I love you  -Hlena Cosmic Trends

I just tweeted and put a link to this on my Facebook Fan Page - this is AWESOME Herbalisl! I wished I could have been at the presentation, with all my senses engaged. The photos really are amazing, and you can tell the plants wanted to participate - how lovely! If only everyone knew!! -AarTiana

Beeeautiful Lisl :) I learned quite a bit I didn't know about one of my favorite spices! You did it again, made my day with a wonderful article. Thank you Lisl :) -comfrey cottages

Great stuff. Very informative post. I liked it. As you've dictated through picture format, its been a very helpful in understanding the health therapy. I'd recommend the same to all my friends & family members. Thank you for your time it has meant a great deal...... :)
Regards, Vegan Vitamins

Your knowledge of the healing power of plants is a gift to the world. I will be referring often as a resource, so keep it up! -CC

I have been so appreciating your deeply insightful monographs… and as I've been moving through a summer of working through old grief, I understand the difficulty of writing in the midst of a hard time, and am grateful for all you write through the sorrow. -Sean Donahue

You write one of my favorite blogs - this was another great piece. Thank you! -Rosalee de la Foret

Thank you for these posts. Your herbal insight is keen and refreshing. -Nancy 

You are an awesome wealth of herbal wisdom!!...I just love all the great in depth information you post THANKS!! -RSF

What a wonderful flow of words reminding us of the simplicity of our world that yes, unfortunately we have disconnected from. Thank you for reminding us. Beautiful photos....love the trees...they are definitely being vogue striking a pose! -Laurel

Tomorrow is my day to be able to sit back and thoroughly immerse myself in getting caught up on your blog Lisl. It is something to be savored not rushed  -L.P.

Great work Lisl! Hyssop is a long time herbal ally of mine and you gave it a wonderful tribute here...I've shared it on our school page. -Gail Faith Edwards

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