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Modus Operandi

Complementary Cancer Care

When it comes to cancer, the best strategy is specifically customized to support the individual, not a blanket approach. Lisl Meredith Huebner Dipl.CH uses a combination of protocols gathered from her 15 years of experience in clinical practice as a Chinese and Western Herbalist. Amazing results come from blending the proper diet, supplements, herbs, and lifestyle; the benefits of which are invaluable when confronted with a powerful adversary like cancer.

"Your abilities are no less than astonishing.  Thank you, dear old soul!  It was my privilege and honor to give your name to my best friend..."
-Shirley C., Windsor Locks, CT

Effective Protocols for
Lyme Disease

Lisl has had tremendous success treating patients previously diagnosed with Lyme disease since she began her private practice 15 years ago. She draws on her own professional experience, as well as incorporating treatment methods pioneered by Stephen Harrod Buhner, Dr. Zhang, Matthew Wood, and Lady Barbara Telesco. Safe, anti-spirochetal and immune-enhancing herbs are carefully prescribed for the individual, and address each stage of a patient's recovery.

Chronic Lyme symptoms such as fatigue, muscle and joint pain, visual impairments, inflammation, skin issues, headaches, brain fog, and palpitations are persistent and often difficult to remedy with antibiotics alone. When treating people that have been dealing with Lyme disease,
Lisl employs powerful strategies such as herbal medicine, auriculotherapy, medicinal aromatherapy, and even Reiki and dietary guidance. Lisl’s patients have experienced great improvement with their range of symptoms and when maintaining a protocol for preventative health care, rarely experience any recurrence.

Liberation from
Migraines & Fibromyalgia

In our modern culture, people frequently ignore problems or take suppressive drugs until serious illness becomes inevitable. Serious pain issues like Migraines and Fibromyalgia can develop when the subtler signs of imbalance go unnoticed for a long time. To get to the root of a problem, Lisl conducts a thorough interview as part of a differential diagnosis, as well as an in depth examination of the tongue and pulse. - both ancient and extremely accurate methods of discerning the condition of the interior organs and metabolic systems according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. With herbs, diet and auriculotherapy, Lisl’s patients achieve significant pain relief in a short amount of time!

"...To my utter astonishment less than a minute and a half into the treatment my stomach was no longer flipping.  When Lisl was done I felt 95 percent better.  What was left went away within the hour.  A full blown migraine attack had been avoided.

Lisl used a combination of Auricular Therapy and Chinese Herbal Medicine to balance my system and stop the migraines.  Since I have worked with her the migraines have stopped!"  -D.H.; New Hartford, CT

Women's Issues

Balance is the key, keeping her patients in balance and harmony before a disease develops or symptoms appear is Lisl’s primary goal and considered to be the higher form of treatment. Whether addressing menstrual disorders, hormonal imbalances, fertility, menopause, bone density, or other age-related issues, Lisl treats each patient as an individual using ancient Chinese medical protocols. She doesn’t just minister to the “disease” or “disorder,” she cares for the whole patient! Treatment is not aimed at relieving merely the symptoms, but to actually bring the body in to balance and correct the underlying cause of the condition.

Relief for Anxiety & Insomnia

When treating anxiety or insomnia, Lisl takes into account the entire symptom picture, as well as the patient’s lifestyle, diet, predominant emotional state, and entire case history; all of this information is relevant, essential actually to a proper diagnosis and an effective treatment. Depression is frequently a part of the presentation, and with their physician’s help, it’s fairly common for Lisl’s clients to wean themselves off of the drugs prescribed for their conditions.

After your treatment, Rich and I felt really great for a couple weeks!! It was amazing Lisl!!! Fondly, Karen P.; Melville, RI

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