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"Humanity is exalted not because we are so far above other living creatures, but because knowing them well elevates the very concept of life."
-Edward O. Wilson
Lisl Meredith Huebner, Dipl.CH, RH
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Potions Class

by HerbaLisl


~ Intentionally & Spiritually Applied ~

*Creates Magick*

Neophyte Level

Intro July 20

9-11 AM



Acolyte Level

(please inquire)

Dates to be announced


Adept Level

(please inquire)

Dates to be announced


Classes & Workshops

I feel it is a sacred obligation and an honor to pass along my lifetime of accumulated knowledge to seekers of herbal wisdom. I have designed a few programs that cover various aspects of plant medicine that appeal to several different interests.

Natural Remedies

People frequently ignore their health problems or take suppressive drugs until serious illness becomes inevitable; maintaining balance before symptoms appear is the highest form of treatment. In these workshops, you will learn about the most common conditions and how to treat them using herbs, pressure points and aromatherapy, as well as some suggestions for maintaining optimum health.

Making Medicine

Making your own medicine is one of the most important aspects of being a home herbalist; the ability to create effective medicine is a skill that everyone should learn. In these classes you will learn to create various medicinal preparations from topicals such as salves, balms, lotions, liniments, scrubs, salts, powders and clay masks to internal remedies like tinctures, pills, syrups, infusions, decoctions, teas, lozenges and more.

The Magick of Herbs

True magic happens when our ego steps out of the way to allow the consciousness of a plant ally to facilitate healing. Connected to all of nature and rooted in Mother Earth, plants have much to teach. Ancient herbal traditions have provided comfort, healing, introspection and well-earned nurturing to every culture for thousands of years. Sacred ceremonies are created with specific intention to detoxify, restore or harmonize, to treat illness or pain, and deepen intimacy or clear energy.

HerbaLisl is Cooking up Health!

Announcing a new workshop series that will transform how you feed yourself and your family! Easy on your Time and 
easy on your Budget!

email me atHerbaLisl@hotmail.comto stay up-to-date on all classes

Weed Walks

Join nationally board certified herbalist, Lisl Meredith Huebner for an informative and entertaining stroll meeting the leafy green neighbors you never knew! We will tour forest and field to identify all manner of useful plants for food, healing and crafts. You will come away with a new appreciation of Nature, a renewed connection to the Earth, knowledge of medicinal plants and some healthy ideas for serving delicious, nutritious and free organic meals for your family and friends.

Guided Essence Meditation
Join Lisl for a
wonderful guided meditation/journey aided by pure plant and tree essences that help you access profound Inner Wisdom and integrate that knowledge in order to create a more fulfilling life. Reclaiming your relationship with Nature through the Wisdom of the Plants and Trees is the most direct route back to yourself and the manifestation of you
r Personal Destiny.

Cultivating Biophilia

Bio=Life Philia=Affection for

The term "biophilia," coined by HarvardUniversityentomologist Edward O. Wilson, refers to the idea that we humans evolved with an affinity toward nature ingrained in our genotype. 

These programs are designed to arouse your fondness, love and respect for Gaia, as well as a personal sense of belonging in the world. 


Certification Courses
Over the years, I have enjoyed sharing with students some of the most useful tools any practitioner could have. My classes aren't entirely made up of healers however, people from all walks of life are profoundly interested in using these skills to treat themselves and their loved ones.

Auriculotherapy Certification Course
Anyone can learn these advanced pain-relieving techniques!

is a highly effective method of energy work similar to reflexology that incorporates stimulating points on the ear. Pressure is applied to specific points on the surface of the ear to accomplish anything from instant pain relief to calming anxiety and much more.  In this class, you will learn methods to help soothe headaches, sinus conditions, back pain, arthritis, nausea and dizziness as well as lowering fevers in adults and children.
This class is open to anyone-not just health care can help your own family & friends with these simple, effective and easy to learn strategies!
Ear maps and all the tools necessary to begin practicing will be provided. You can stop pain INSTANTLY! This is an amazingly effective treatment!!

Wisdom of the Earth
Medicinal Aromatherapy Certificati
on Course

Connect with the consciousness of plants and trees, understand their personalities and hear their voices with the assistance of over 200 pure essential essences and profound shamanic journeying. Learn the truth behind common "toxicity myths" and correct common conditions such as hormonal imbalances, pain, digestion, stress, anxiety, Candida, substance and emotional dependency.

You can enhance your life through a personal union to the Spirits of Nature; you can work in synergy with your body's own intelligence by incorporating Essential oils of the highest quality to your healing regimen.
Therapeutic-grade essences carry the sacred message of the Plant and Tree kingdoms. The combination of scent, energy and consciousness of these pure essential oils is a great aid in helping us remember our interconnectedness with all of Nature. 

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