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Lisl Meredith Huebner, Dipl.CH, RH
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Medicinal Aromatherapy Consultations
For Medicinal Aromatherapy Consultations Lisl offers insightful wisdom to her patients for their personal growth and attunement. Aromatherapy can be used to treat not just physical imbalances, but emotional and spiritual dis-harmonies as well. Results are often dramatic as clients reconnect to their highest self, Nature and their Life's Purpose. She uses only 100% Pure Medicinal Grade essential oils by Wisdom of the Earth in creating a wonderfully transformative experience.


Herbal Consultations

Lisl offers in-depth Chinese medical and clinical Western herbal consultations. Lifelong devotion to Nature and Herbal Medicine, extensive training along with nearly 15 years of professional practice has made her an expert in diagnosing patterns of imbalance according to a Traditional Chinese medical paradigm. Ancient techniques such as Pulse and Tongue Diagnosis along with thorough consultation give each patient confidence that their herbal protocol and dietary recommendations will be precise and safe.  A comprehensive explanation of the nature of the imbalances and what to expect during the healing process empowers Lisl's patients with personal knowledge and understanding.

"...thank you again for having pursued your passion because I am benefiting

from your efforts.” -L.T.; Farmington, CT

Energy Balancing Sessions

Each session begins with a twenty minute Chinese Medical evaluation that will illuminate the areas that require harmonizing.  An hour long acupressure session using the Elements to guide a natural progression of key acupressure points brings the body and spirit to harmonized peace. This blissful session is enhanced with Reiki and medicinal-grade aromatherapy essences chosen specifically for the individual. The beautiful precious stones that are placed upon the body to align the chakras as well as the Pure Medicinal Grade essential oils by Wisdom of the Earth make this an exceptionally powerful therapeutic session.


Auricular therapy is a tool that Lisl employs on many cases. It is a method of energy work similar to acupuncture that requires no needles and uses several points on the outside surface of the ear. Applying small spheres measuring 1-2 mm in diameter with special adhesive to the outer surface of the ear sends endorphins to the corresponding site on the body, thereby achieving almost instantaneous pain relief. Auriculotherapy provides substantial relief within moments and lasts for days. It does not simply mask pain; it has long-term benefits and actually promotes healing. This treatment is not limited to pain relief; it can help with anxiety, insomnia or the symptomatic treatment of nearly any problem. The “ear seeds” can be left on the ear for several days, ensuring continued effectiveness. The results are remarkable!

"She changed my life...really."
-Neil E.
Los Angeles, CA

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